Performing Words

Reviewing Your Keyword Results

The keyword results returned from your search are listed in a table in your ad words account screen.. Keywords, you can view various statistics and provided you can sort by columns. Which keywords for your business or service would be most cost-effective and relevant to help determine these properties for use.

I. Keyword Match Type
This tool is entered based on broad match variations of the keywords automatically generates the results. All views a Match type column is located. You can change the match type shown and directly to an ad group and add other keyword matching variations. However match type is changed from this column, displaying the broad match statistics do not change, and only to help you manage your keyword list is aimed.

II. Keyword Tool Views
Select columns to display Using the drop-down menu in your Keyword Tool results show or hide columns. select the best ones to help you to add your ad group keyword results in each column shows statistics about the estimated performance. Available statistics are:
* Estimated Ad Position: This is the estimated position for keywords on Google ads
* Estimated Avg. CPC: The ads for these keywords on Google is the estimated average cost per click (CPC)
* Advertiser Competition: According to all the keywords on Google from all over the world to bid for each keyword is the number of advertisers
* Previous Month's Search Volume: Search for these keywords on Google is the relative number of users have
* Avg. Search Volume: The last 12 months for each keyword on Google is the average monthly search volume
* Search Volume Trends: In the last twelve month period for each keyword in Google search volume fluctuations
* Highest Volume Occurred In: Last 12-month period each keyword has received the highest Google search volume months

Percentage of Key Words:

Keyword density is usually expressed as a percentage. This keyword density, a specific keyword or phrase in the ownership of an HTML page for the current page number is obtained by dividing the total number of words. To simplify further, let's give an example of this issue immediately. Sample before will also be useful to our work to express a mathematical formula I just let.

AKY: Keyword Density
AKS: An HTML page of a keyword is the number of keywords are repeated several times.
TKS: HTML sayfanızdakı is the total number of words.
Example: Write an article on our site fishing imagine we. This summer at our main key word "fishing is for children" will be.

Let us say that our children this summer, fishing for the keyword phrases we repeat 5 times. This summer we get the total number of words or 250 words. Have a one page article is approximately yazmis.

AKY = 5 / 250 = 0.02
(0.02 = 2%)
Will be equal to 2% keyword density.

Many SEO experts always the best one-percentage keyword density and search engine to get the highest page rankings are entered into discussions for. Unfortunately, in this regard, such as constant number of PI is not possible to give a number. In general, on any page used between 2% and 7% is considered normal keywords. In this case occurring in the example above 2% would be reasonable results.

Do not use in your writings definitely SPAM. A number of extra web page, keyword search engines by repeated SPAM because he is perceived to sort these AM'rındaki dramatically aşagılara will be taken.

In summary, let's say. In a letter of 100 words of any particular keyword, try to use between 2 and 7 times.

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